Corporate Photography

Corporations rely on  creative visual content. We work with marketing, sales, HR, training and communications departments as a partner in projects of all types. Our services include head shots, presentations, corporate videos, marketing material and much more.

Corporate Lifestyle Photography

Conveying your company culture or showing the world who you are as a company can be challenging. Finding the right words to describe what you do isn’t always easy. Corporate lifestyle photography shows it all in a split second.

Corporate Head Shots & Portraits

It’s likely that your corporate head shots will be the first impression given of your team. Make it count and put forth your best look. We come in all shapes and sizes. Vuma Africa has tons of experience making you look your best…especially with those that “hate to be in pictures!”.

Photography for Corporate Events & Meetings

It can go by fast. You plan and prep. Then the event is over. Our photography services capture the event. Use the photos for future promotion or to recap important key sessions.

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