Enterprise Software Development

We provide wide range of business services
We provide Software services to startups and small businesses & big businesses by very cheap cost but high quality service.

Full-stack software development;

We’re comfortable working with both frontend and backend technologies. Our core technology stack includes Python/Django, AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, Codeigniter Framework, HTML5, CSS3, Swift, Objective-C, Java and Kotlin.


We’ve built web apps for a variety of business sectors including finance, education, healthcare, and retail. We offer expert guidance and project management all the way to product release. Our team is ready to adapt to your project management procedures as needed.

UI/UX design;

At Vuma Africa, we offer consistent quality that extends to every tier of application development. To create quality user interfaces, we focus on individuals rather than abstract “users” in our design.


Before our design team works out visual details, we dedicate some time to getting a sense of the problem you’re trying to solve with your product. We collect all the information we can get and develop a concept that gives us our direction for design.

User experience design;

We employ a variety of methods and procedures to design products that are easy to use and delightful to interact with. Our user experience design effectively communicates the functionality of your product to its target audience.

User interface design;

Our graphic design team follows modern design trends. We pick bright colors, select fonts that fight the dwindling attention spans of users, choose authentic photos, and create hand-drawn graphics and icons. Our UI designs are innovative and beautiful.

Brand identity;

The main goal of our brand identity service is to create a consistent image of your brand. Brand identity includes logo, key colors, typefaces, and style of illustrations, art, photos, and graphical elements. We also design marketing collateral upon request. Don’t Hesitate to contact with us for any kind of information