How We Work

OUR PROCESSWe believe that software product outsourcing is easy if you have a reliable and experienced partner at your side. Our mission is to support you with our expert services at any stage of the project. Have a wonderful software idea? Our team of software development and business experts will guide you on your way from the concept to the product ready for the market.

You contact us

We follow up with you to explore your need and give you the solution.

Project Mapping and Management

We make a complete project development roadmap and set up a project management process for you to have control over the process and regularly track progress.

Vuma Africa visualizes your ideas and requirements

We precisely collect your requirements to execute a business analysis and create a project mock-up.

Launch, Support and Updates

Once your software up and running, we perform maintenance and are always ready to add extra features to help you keep up with the fast-changing business landscape.

Executing legal part

Together, we are drawing up an agreement with overall terms, prices, and time frames. The experienced Vuma Africa team is always ready to assist you and come up with suggestions at this stage.

Innovation Solutions

We work side by side with senior executives to accelerate execution through a blend of analytical and management approaches.