Restaurant Management Software



VRestaurant is an online restaurant management system which manages to automate day to day activity of a restaurant. Let’s check out the features of VRestaurant and how they gonna help to automate your business operations smoothly.


The first feature you are getting is account management. Here you can do all you account related work very smoothly. Now you don’t need to work manually to complete the accounting anymore. In this restaurant software accounting is just an easier thing than any other work. All calculations are automated. All you need to do is input your data accurately and you get accurate results within a few moments. You can also check reports as per your requirements. Like daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, yearly and so many ways. And now in the below, we give the list of your account workflow. Check it out, please.

HR Manager:

The second feature of this restaurant software is HR management. One of the tough challenges of any business is HR management. From employee selection to termination or resigning the HR department has a lot of work to do. To ease the procedure our restaurant software manages the HR data very efficiently. And you can count their attendance, salaries, loans, etc. And now in the below, we give the list of your account workflow. Check it out, please.

Food Management

The third feature of this restaurant software is food management. Here you can add the food name, ingredients, variants, and availability of the food. You can also add a new food item with defining the category. And add ons are also available for the foods in your stocks. So, add on when you need. And now in the below, we give the list of your account workflow. Check it out, please.

Order Management:

The fourth feature of this restaurant software is order management. The vital challenge to manage orders in the restaurant. It represents the overall customer service and reputation of the restaurant. As usual, when an order placed by customers they did not know exactly when they are getting the order to their table. Through this software, there is a customer app where he can see the procedure of his/her order from the manager’s end to cook to the waiter to the table he/she is sitting. And now in the below, we give the list of your account workflow. Check it out, please.

Production Management:

The fifth feature of this restaurant software is production management. Here you can manage your production list, new production and also setting production unit as well. So, no worry about listing manually or keeping your production more visual through this restaurant management software. And now in the below, we give the list of your account workflow. Check it out, please.

Purchase Management:

The Sixth feature of this restaurant software is purchase management. Every now and then purchase happens. To ensure the proper service owners take the step of purchasing ingredients or utilities as per requirements. So, automation to manage this purchase is time-efficient, transparent, and measurable to the owners of the restaurants. And now in the below, we give the list of your account workflow. Check it out, please.

Purchase Report:

Here you can see all kinds of purchase reports together. You can also see the reports of purchases date by date or month by month or year by year as well.

Stock Report ( Product Wise )

Stock reports help to refill the stocks and also let the owner know which product is selling more. So, product-wise stock reports give specific results to the owners very well. No more time wasting for inventory.

Stock Report ( Kitchen )

You can keep your kitchen stock separate from your general stock. It helps you to be specific for kitchen need. No extra inventory needed for this.

Sell Report

Sell reports are the most important factor for owners to understand how their product or business is doing? And to do so owners typically monitor daily sell-report from the manager or the person in charge of the restaurant. So, it is a time consuming and lengthy process to get accurate data. Through this restaurant software sell reports are now easier to get not only the daily sell but also weekly, monthly, or yearly sell reports as well.


Table reservation is not new thinking for a restaurant. Traditionally, if a customer wants to book a table he or she may need to call the helpline and book the table. Sometimes your reservations are full and you booking query is still coming and you are denying them. To avoid these situations you can go for online reservation like this restaurant software and give the table vacancy update as well. So, the customer will be more benefited than before and your customer service will be better as well.


We all know what setting means. It helps to configure every dos and don’ts for the software. Here you can set all your primary configuration from your dashboard.

Payment Method

In the setting module you see the first option is payment method. Here you can declare your payment methods types and ways to checkout from the cart of your payment gateway.

Shipping Method

The second option you will find it will shipping method. Here you can declare your shipping methods properly. And all of your product shipping will follow this method when they are preparing to ship to the destination.

Restaurant Table

The third option you will find is restaurant table management. Here you can declare you table set up management very effectively. What you decide here it will work as it is for your restaurant.

Customer Type

The fourth option you will find is customer type. From here you can segregate customer types very easily. Addressing them as a take away customer or walk in customer or google searched customer or friend referred customer or social media referred customer etc.

Unit & Ingredients

The last section contains the feature of Unit and Ingredients. Where you will find all about your restaurant unit measurements and Ingredients details you are using in the foods.

Which food contains how much ingredients you will find out very easily. All you need to do is update your ingredient list with your individual dish or food item. You will also see the quantity of each ingredient of each dish your cook may prepare.